5 Tips on Creating a Gorgeous Minimalistic Nursery

Open walls, simple shelving, silhouettes and white, white, white! The minimalist trend is here in full force and we love it!

It can be tricky to strike a balance between peace and calm and just plain boring, so here are 5 tips to help you design a gorgeous minimalistic nursery.

  1. Layer your neutrals

    Grey, white, browns, beiges and creams are all popular neutral palettes to use in your nursery. Switch these up by layering more than one neutral in your palette.
    White and grey are a classic combo, but try using various shades of whites, ivories, creams and greys to create a more varied look. Love the idea of brown for your neutral? Combine brown with grey for an unexpected twist!


  2. Play with textures

    This season is all about textures and raw, wood-grain looks. Consider adding some rustic wood wall décor pieces, or choosing furniture that showcases beautiful grain lines. Look for curtains that have textured fabrics, or cute pom-pom edgings.
    Rugs are a fantastic way to add texture to your nursery. We encourage you to support your local blind community by purchasing one of their gorgeous floor rugs! https://capetownsocietyfortheblind.co.za


  3. Add pops of colour

    At love.dominique, colour is king. Nothing brightens up a space quicker than a well placed rainbow or some unique artwork on the wall.
    Here are some simple ways to adds a pops of colour to your minimalistic nursery, while still keeping the whole look clean:

    • Display your toys and books on the walls
    • Choose at least one brightly coloured toss pillow
    • Add a splash of colour to the floor with a rug
  4. pops_of_colour

  5. Artwork is your best friend

    To keep your look clean, we recommend that you select either one large wall art piece to display on a feature wall, or several small pieces that are simple and work together.
    It’s a common mistake to think that you can’t hang large artworks in a small room. Often one single statement piece is the best choice for a limited space, as it will create a less cluttered effect.
    A gallery wall is always a fun style to choose, but make sure that your pieces are cohesive and that the colours work. A fail-safe rule would be to keep all the pieces neutral except one, or choose a simple two-toned colour palette for the whole wall.


  6. Choose the best white for your space

    Choosing white for your walls might sound like a no-brainer, but it is essential that you choose the right shade of white for your space. The most important factor to consider when making this choice is the lighting in your nursery.
    If the room faces north and has large windows, it will get in plenty of natural light. Choose a cool-based white to help balance the glare of the sun: a blue or violet toned white would be best. These Plascon colour swatches are all cool whites.


    For a dark room with poor natural light it is best to choose a warm-based white to help create a sunny atmosphere in your room. Go with undertones of pink, gold or brown. These Plascon colour swatches are all warm whites.


For more fun inspiration and lots of eye candy, please visit our “Sweetly Simple Nursery” Pinterest board.


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