Creating a Stylish Nursery with Limited Space

Most of us start out with a small nursery

Styling a small space can be quite a challenge, but it is a reality for the majority. Houses are not as large as they used to be and most of us are renting basic starter homes when we have our first baby.

We recently got a comment on one of our post from a new mom with this exact problem.

“As a new mom with a small home I would love to read more on creating a beautiful but practical nursery. I go on pinterest for ideas but get overwhelmed. My baby room can fit a cot, set of drawers and a chair. And these are all right next to each other… I struggle to get the pram in the room. All the photos I see of baby rooms look so spacious and calm. I would love to hear about making a beautiful baby nursery in a small room.”

When I read this it really struck home! Those beautiful nurseries on Pinterest always looks so spacious and airy. The wall seems to go on forever and they have an ocean of floor space! Unfortunately, this is a fantasy for most of us. There is a ton to be said on making the most of your small space, so this is a subject I will be addressing in a few posts, but here is a simple start.

7 practical tips for a stylish nursery in a small space

1. Choose a cohesive and light colour scheme

Light colours create the illusion of space and air and will help open your room up. A soft white is a great choice (read more here on choosing the best white for your nursery), but you can also go with a pastel colour, such a pink, blue or aqua. I recommend sticking to just one colour on all the walls, to create a seamless look.

Ensure that your colour palette is cohesive and effortless. I would suggest avoiding strong contrasts, even if the colours do look good together. Bright pink and hot lime look fabulous together, but they would make a small space look crowded and cluttered. Rather try sticking to simple classics like white and soft grey or beige and cream.

2. Lightweight fabrics and Blinds

If possible, use blinds instead of curtains. Blinds are clean lined and simple. Go with a simple wood or aluminium look – avoid fabric blinds with striking patterns. As tempting as it might be to get that adorable fabric you saw in the store, remember that heavy patterns will just create a more cluttered look.

If blinds are not an option, go with a lightweight curtain that is either plain, or has a very light and simple pattern on it. Delicate pinstripes in grey and white or tiny polka dots should be fine. Avoid cartoons, bright contrasts and anything heavily patterned.

3. No rug

Keep your floorspace open and clear. No extra rugs.

If you have a tiled floor then it’s understandable that you will want a rug. Choose a colour that is harmonious with the colour of your floor and doesn’t make a statement in itself. A thin pile would be a better choice than a shaggy rug.

4. Vertical lines

Vertical lines create the allusion of height and keep the eye going up. This will help open up your room further and maximise the space you have. Three practical ways to implement this rule would be:


  • Vertical artwork
  • Thin vertical striped curtains
  • Hang artwork vertically, not next to each other.

5. Storage

Floating shelves are a great choice for a small nursery, as they are so simple and don’t draw attention to themselves. Allow he focus to rather be on the pretty décor on the shelves, instead of the shelf itself. If you do want a shelf with a little more detail, I recommend you go with a super simple style, such as these popular cloud shelves.

If you have storage boxes visible for your necessities, make sure they are fully closed on the sides, not basket weave or crate style finishes that show what’s inside. This will just add more clutter. A small detail like a cut-out heart/star is fine, but keep it minimal.


6. Mirrors

Mirrors are the most awesome décor pieces in the world. Full stop. They make any room look a ton bigger and also bring in reflected light, which helps open the space even further. Just one word of caution: make sure that whatever they reflect is somewhat pretty. No one needs to see the nappy bin twice!


7. Details in accessories, but not too much

So, after everything, I just want to point out that a small nursery can have gorgeous little details and pretty pieces! You might feel after reading the above that there is no room in your nursery for all those gorgeous accessories that we all loose our hearts to. Here a few quick tips to help you enjoy adding all the beautiful details to your nursery that will truly make it your special space:


  • Remember your colour scheme in general, but don’t let it bind you.
  • Stick to a few larger pieces, instead of a ton of small things.
  • Hang some décor pieces from the ceiling to save floor and wall space.

In the next article for this series we will look at how to arrange your bigger pieces of furniture in a small room, to make the most of your space. Till then, happy decorating! <3


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