DIY Nursery Decor: Paint Swatch Butterfly Picture Frame

There is nothing so satisfying as crafting your own, personal piece of art. This DIY butterfly picture frame is easy, satisfying and loads of fun!

Did I mention how much it cost me…? One old picture frame, a little bit of paint, free paint colour swatches from Dulux and a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

You will need:

  1. A picture frame (I re-purposed an old frame with a few coats of paint)
  2. Paint swatches in the colours of your choice. This project used about 4 Dulux swatches, but the number will depend on how many butterflies you need.
  3. Prestick
  4. Paper, pencil and scissors

1) Design your butterflies

Draw out your butterfly shapes onto a small piece of scrap paper. I drew three different shapes and sizes.

Pro tip: draw just the one half of the butterfly, then bend the paper in half and cut both wings together to make them perfectly symmetrical.

Pro tip: You will also easily find silhouette butterfly designs online if you don’t feel up to drawing them from scratch.

DIY Butterfly Picture Frame - Cutting Butterflies

Once you have cut out your butterflies, trace the outline of the shape onto your paint swatch using a light pencil. I placed the centre of each butterfly over the white border between the shades, so that the body of the butterfly would be white and each wing would be a slightly different shade of turquoise.

I noticed that the wings of my butterflies where occasionally hitting into the text on the swatches, but as the wording was delicate and in a pretty silver colour, I decided to let it come through and be a part of the final look.

2) Prepare your picture frame

My picture frame needed painting, but you can skip this step if yours is good as is.

I coated the black frame with two coats of light grey paint and then, using a large stiff paint brush, I touched the frame with the smallest amount of white paint to give it a textured look.

DIY Butterfly Picture Frame - Painting Picture Frame

Put your picture into the frame at this point, if you haven’t already.

3) Lay out your design

Fold each butterfly in half to give the wings that 3D lift.

Place your butterflies onto the frame until you find a layout you are happy with.

Pro tip: take a quick snapshot of the layout with your phone so you can replicate it. I almost always do this!

4) Complete your butterfly picture frame

Using a small blob of Prestick in the centre of each butterfly, stick them onto your frame. Press firmly in the centre with your finger and then gently pull the wings back to give them more lift.

DIY Butterfly Picture Frame - Prestick

Once you have placed all your butterflies, take a step back and check out the project as a whole. Adjust your butterflies if need be, until you are happy with the whole look.

DIY Butterfly Picture Frame - Frame with Butterflies

And you are done! In less than an hour you can completely transform a tired old frame into a beautiful piece for your baby room.

DIY Butterfly Picture Frame - Frame with DIY Butterflies

Final tip: This same technique can be used to decorate mirrors, walls, cupboards and even windows!

I hope that this simple little tutorial will inspire you to spend some happy afternoons making personal pieces of art for your nursery.

Most importantly of all, have a good time doing it! 🙂



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