Welcome to love.dominique!

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” — Michael John Bobak

This quote perfectly sums up how I feel about my first ever blog post.

I have been running love.dominique (originally “Dominique’s”) successfully for 12 years. The whole outgoing, professional thing that one typically associates with a business woman has never been me. I like staying at home: art, photography, decorating, organising, baking, cooking and reading are my passions. (Okay, so I love binge watching series too… Masterchef Australia is the current favourite!)

Although I am an avid blog reader I never thought I would ever write my own blog. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time, but can’t wait to share my favourite things with you.

In February of this year I married the love of my life, Edmund, and he took the huge step of quitting his job, emigrating from his native country (Holland) and moving to SA to join me. We decided to take the plunge and go solo on just the income from love.dominique. It’s scary, I won’t lie. But we totally love it! It wasn’t as big a deal for me; my dad was always self employed and I have never to date had a salary check, but it was a leap of faith for Edmund! I love him.

I hope that you will find this blog inspiring, personal and fun. In future posts I will be sharing triumphs and disasters in our kitchen, my mania for organising, paint-messed fingers and my huge passion for interior decorating. DIY tips, tutorials and home style inspiration are also on the (planned) menu.

Join me behind the scenes at love.dominique and let me show you what makes this business tick. I’d love to show you the process that goes into each carefully made product, and our awesome team that makes it all possible.

I love interior decorating. It’s the key thing that got me into this industry and I love helping moms create beautiful spaces. It makes me happy! Designing the products we sell is my favourite part of the job and I can’t wait to share that process with you. The whole dusty, messy, gluey, painty process.

We don’t have kids (the key word is yet!) so I won’t be the one telling you whether to use cloth or disposables, whether the dummy will ruin your child for life or how to get more sleep, but I have enlisted an expert for that department. My sister, Naomi, is a mother of six, a WAHM and founder of the TomFips nappy brand, a LLL (La Leche League) leader and a certified Doula. She will be coming on board to cover pregnancy, baby and parenting topics for you. And I think I will ask her to write a post on how there is no such thing as a super-mom, because I kinda find her resume daunting.

It would be awesome if you could take a few moments to leave a comment and tell me what you’d like to see on the love.dominique blog. DIY projects, decor styling advice, product reviews, recipes, quick budget-friendly meals… please let me know.

Till next time, have the best day!




3 thoughts on “Welcome to love.dominique!

  1. Watching you go from being a little girl to now a wife. Your love for what you do shows in your work. You make painting look so easy.

  2. Can’t wait to read more tips and posts. Looking forward to hearing from the doula too!
    As a new mom with a small home I would love to read more on creating a beautiful but practical nursery. I go on pinterest for ideas but get overwhelmed. My baby room can fit a cot, set of drawers and a chair. And these are all right next to each other… I struggle to get the pram in the room. All the photos I see of baby rooms look so spacious and calm. I would love to hear about making a beautiful baby nursery in a small room.
    Thank you!

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