5 Fun and Unexpected Ways to Decorate Your Nursery

Here are five fun and easy ways of decorating your nursery! How many of these do you use in your house?

1) The window sill

The window sill is a great place to display a selection of favourite soft toys or wooden ornaments. Our wooden cacti in pots perfectly complement the rustic beige walls and brown curtains.

Tip: For a fun dash of colour, paint the inside of your window frame in a contrasting bright colour. The average 250ml tester pot of paint would be sufficient for this paint job, making it a very affordable way to decorate.

Cacti Pots on Window Sill
In this photo: Cacti in Pots Shelf Decor / 3 Pieces.

2) The door

Theme your nursery/play room door to match the rest of the room. Wooden letters and name plaques are a great way to add some fun to a door. This is especially great for slightly older children who have learnt to recognise their own names.

For our unicorn name door we painted the actual door in a lightly distressed beige finish. The fabric flowers we made ourselves and the unicorn letters are available to order here.

Tip: Always make sure that door décor pieces are firmly attached, as the constant movement of the door may unsettle items that are not secure. We recommend double-sided tape in lieu of prestick.

Unicorn Door Letters
In this photo: Pink Unicorn Wooden Letters.

3) Revamp your chest of drawers

Drawers are a ton of fun to paint and can really add a big impact to a space. Here we have chosen to go with simple grey stripes and crystal knobs, but you could also do each drawer front in a different colour of the rainbow, or something soft like alternating grey and blue drawers.

If painting isn’t your thing consider adding themed drawer knobs instead. For this look it is best to keep the drawers very simple and let the knobs take the attention instead.

Grey Striped Drawers
In this photo: Chevron Elephant Growth Chart / 85cm and Mountain Shelf Ornament Set.
Custom themed drawer knobs
In this photo: White Cloud Drawer Knob, Hot Air Balloon Drawer Knob, Woodland Fox Drawer Knob / Left and Woodland Fox Drawer Knob / Right.

4) The ceiling

Look how gorgeous this nursery looks with the yellow and grey vinyl polka dot stickers! We recommend using vinyl stickers on ceilings, as they are easy to position and remove, as well as being super affordable.

To prevent the room from looking overdone, consider decorating just parts of the ceiling, such as one corner.

This tip is best for rooms with high ceilings, as decorating a low ceiling will only make the room feel more cramped.

Polka Dot Ceiling
In this photo: Grey Bird Silhouette Ceiling Mobile.

5) The cot

Painting just the front rungs can make a big impact to a nursery without much work. For this cot we added a pink ombre colour to the front, adding a delicate touch to a minimalistic nursery.

Polka Dot Ceiling
In this photo: White Butterflies Motif Pack / 9 Pieces.

Another easy way of adding décor to a cot is shown in this delicate pink and brown nursery with chocolate brown bows on alternate rungs. Super simple and so pretty!

Pink and Brown Nursery

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. As always, share if you like it! And let us know in the comments what your favourite advice for decorating a nursery is.



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