All About Our Jesse Tree

In this post we introduce our newest piece: our Jesse Tree! The massive success of our wooden children nativity sets got us thinking about other ways to help bring Christ back into Christmas for our children. Christmas has become so commercial that it’s easy to get lost in the deluge of gift buying, bauble hanging and meal planning. We forget the true meaning of Christmas: that we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour!

When I grew up we had a children’s nativity set to play with, which is what inspired me to design the one we now sell. We also had Advent calendars (link to Wikipedia), that helped us count down from the 1st to the 25th of December. Every day we would open a little paper door and see what picture lay inside. Sometimes it was a Christian symbol, like an angel or a star, but most often the pictures were just pretty flowers and fancily wrapped gifts.

This made me think about creating a truly Christ-themed Advent calendar. A countdown that was exciting and fun for children, while giving them the true story of Christmas. And so, we are proud to present our brand new love.dominique Jesse Tree (link to buy)!

What is a Jesse Tree?

The idea is not ours – the Jesse Tree (link to Wikipedia) has been around for ages and we just made our own version of it. The idea is to have an Advent calendar that traces the “line of Jesse”: the genealogy of Jesus! It usually starts with the creation of the world and then takes the children through the story of the sin of Adam and Eve, right through the Bible until we reach Joseph, Mary and finally baby Jesus on Christmas Day!

What symbols are on our tree?

love.dominique Jesse Tree stars

The Old testament is long and we can’t use every element of it, so in a Jesse Tree we simply choose 25 points to focus on. We have carefully researched ours and chosen the following 25 symbols:

1) Symbol: The World.
Story: The story of creation

2) Symbol: Adam and Eve
Story: The creation of man and woman

3) Symbol: Apple and Snake
Story: Man’s first sin

4) Symbol: Noah’s Ark
Story: The story of Naoh’s Ark

5) Symbol: Bread and Wine
Story: The story of Melchizedek

6) Symbol: Twelve Stars
Story: The story of Abraham

7) Symbol: Firewood Bundle
Story: The story of Isaac

8) Symbol: Ladder to Heaven
Story: Jacob’s Dream

9) Symbol: Colourful Coat
Story: Joseph in Egypt

10) Symbol: Ten Commandments
Story: The story of Moses

11) Symbol: Wheat
Story: The story of Ruth

12) Symbol: Tree
Story: The prophesy of the Tree of Jesse

13) Symbol: Harp
Story: The story of David

14) Symbol: Scales
Story: The story of Solomon

15) Symbol: Raven with Bread
Story: The story of Elijah

16) Symbol: Lion
Story: The story of Daniel in the lion’s den

17) Symbol: Scroll
Story: The story of Isaiah

18) Symbol: Teardrops
Story: The story of Jeremiah

19) Symbol: Whale
Story: The story of Jonah

20) Symbol: Stone Tablet
Story: The story of Zachary

21) Symbol: Shell with Water
Story: John the Baptist

22) Symbol: Carpenter’s Tools
Story: Joseph

23) Symbol: Lily
Story: Mary

24) Symbol: Baby Jesus
Story: The story of the birth of Jesus Christ

25) Symbol: Gold Star
Story: The story of the Shepherds and Wisemen

How to use the tree

love.dominique Jesse Tree with text

We have left our tree open ended. Each star has a number at the back and we will send you a PDF page of the symbols and the story, but the rest we leave to your imagination. Each parent will best know how to tell the story of Christmas, and adapt it to the age of their child. We simply offer a guide and a fun, interactive toy to help you along.

The stars each have a hole at the back that can slot onto any of the tree pegs – let your child decide where he/she wants to hang their star that day. Finally, the gold glittery star has a wooden pin and sits right at the top, as a final touch for Christmas Day!

What our tree is made of

Painting Jesse Tree Stars

The wooden tree itself is painted with a bright green chalk paint and packs flat, with just small dowel pins (they stick out about 1cm each side).

The little stars and made of 18mm birch wood, the same that we use on our Nativity Sets. This set is designed to be used alongside our Nativity Sets, so it matches that look perfectly with the wood textures showing through.

The 25 stars come packaged in a neat drawstring bag to help keep all your pieces together. Each star is 5.5×5.5cm and has rounded tips – completely child safe!

love.dominique Jesse Tree

Our dream

We hope that you will love this new design as much as we loved making it. Our mission is to help bring Christ back into Christmas through the eyes of your little children, and if we can assist you to do that then it’s mission accomplished! Please help and spread the word 🙂



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  1. These products are truly made with love.
    Received our Jesse Tree and what a wonderful tradition to start this Christmas. Explaining the REASON for the season.
    Thanks Dominique and Edmund

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