Announcing Your Pocket Family

Hi all, we have something new for you! And this something new is the Pocket Family. Your Pocket Family. It is your family put into the Pocket Pal look that has proven to be so very popular. It is unique, it is very affordable, and as a gift it shows you love and care.

Last Christmas we made a Pocket Family for Dominique’s sister Naomi. She’s the same Naomi that writes on our blog every now and then. This Pocket Family was our gift to her and her family. Absolutely unique, and very personal. Little Benedict had not yet been born, his name had not yet been decided, but he was well on his way. As they didn’t know baby’s sex yet, Dominique painted a little baby.

We made 8 figures: 2 parents and 6 kids. We looked around for photos of the whole bunch and tried to find some characteristic looks. Something that everybody who knows the Mitchells will recognize. We thought of some toy or other feature that defines every person of the family and we were set to go.

The whole process went pretty fast. We had So Much Fun looking for the right photos and designing their Pocket Family! And then we had to keep it quiet until we would see them, which was just after Christmas. Our patience was rewarded: they absolutely loved it. You should have seen their faces when they realized that they were unwrapping little figures of themselves! The photo that Naomi put on her Facebook page went viral. So many people (family, friends, people from Church, form work) recognized this or that kid instantaneously. A look, a shirt, a toy, a slightly tilted head.. We were amazed to see the amount of comments grow and grow.

We had not expected something like that. This was a one-off, fun, unique gift.

Well, that was then. After having made some more Pocket Family figures for private orders, we came to the conclusion that we had to bring the Pocket Family to you. And so here it is.

We now present to you the Pocket Family figures.

You can order them from our website.

How we go about designing Pocket Family figures

Now you want to know, of course, how you can get hold of a Pocket Family. Either for yourself, or for someone dear. It’s not very difficult, really, so here we go.

  1. First of all, we will need some basic info.
    • How many figures do you want?
    • How many are male, and how many are female? We have one shape for men/boys, and one for women/girls. It’s part of the Pocket Pal look.
      It is good to know that the parents are full-sized figures, the kids are smaller (unless they aren’t in real life). Here’s a photo of some unpainted wooden figures.Pocket Pal Figure Sizes
      Please note that the Pocket Pal look also means: no hands, feet, mouth or ears.
    • Is there a characteristic attribute or piece of clothing for the person? A suit for daddy, or maybe that pink shirt with the sea-horse for your little girl? A piece of Lego, a teddy bear, or a doll? The more a person is recognizable, the more people will like it.
  2. Then we will need a good photo. You can send us one photo per family member, as you might not have one pic with the whole lot dressed the way you want them to look in the figures.
    Here you see an example of a good photo. Let me introduce my nephew Athanasius. He was dressed up for a wedding and looked so cute that we just had to capture this little cutie wearing suspenders! And next to it you see a photo of the figure we made of him.Athanasius with himself as Pocket Pal
    From the photo we can very clearly see the clothes and colours that little Athanasius is wearing. He is mixed race, so we used a woodstain to give him a darker skin tone.
  3. Here are two more photos, this time of Gianna-Marie. Again, a before and after photo. The photo does not show a toy, but her mom told us that her favourite toy (for the moment) is this bunny. And so we added it in.Gianna with herself as Pocket Pal
    If ever you are unsure, you can always just call or email us. We will be more than happy to help.
  4. Then you will want to go to our website to place and check out your order. You can then immediately send us all the necessary info (from the points above).

As you can see, it is fairly easy to get your own unique set of Pocket Family figures. Either for yourself, or for someone you love.

Some more photos

The following photos show you some of the stages in the making of a Pocket Family figure.

Gianna Pocket Pal Sketch

Pocket Pals in Progress

Athanasius Pocket Pal

We think the Pocket Family figures are going to be a great success. They are so much fun, super cute, and you can easily add more figures when new members are added to the family.

We’ve seen how enthusiastic people react to them, and we’ve seen how the kids (especially the little ones) carry ‘their’ figure around everywhere.

And you know what? These figures combine very easily with the Pocket Saint figures (ideal Baptism or Confirmation gift), or with the Profession Pocket Pals. And they will fit really nicely around the Nativity Set when Christmas comes around again. To get your Pocket Family, go to our webstore. ❤

Author: Edmund

Edmund started working with Dominique after their wedding early 2017. He manages the online stores, does most of the admin, IT, hrm and legal stuff. He might write the occasional blog post 🙂


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