DIY Nursery Decor: Colourful Balloon Wall Art In 4 Easy Steps

I’m so excited to share this DIY balloon wall art with you!

Following up from our last DIY “paint swatch” décor piece, this piece was also done using paint swatches, but for a very different look.

I love how the bright colours stand out so boldly against the black background and the simple white frame, but it would look as gorgeous if you switched the bright colours for pastels and the white frame for one of raw wood.

Once again this piece costs almost nothing. I used brightly coloured swatches (from Duram) and the strings are simple white sewing thread.

The colourful balloons stand out so gorgeously from the black background!

You will need:

  • A picture frame or an art-clip
  • Paint swatches in the colours of your choice. I used a lot of swatches for this project – about 30 in total.
  • Thin double-sided tape
  • Sewing thread
  • Thick Card (I used black)
  • Paper, pencil and scissors

1) Prepare your Balloons

Draw a balloon template onto a small piece of card and cut it out. Once you are happy with the shape of your balloon, trace the outline onto your colour swatches.

Tip: Remember to take note of the size of your colour swatches when designing the balloon, so that the pattern will fit onto the colour tab.

Cut out your balloons and put them neatly aside. I cut more than I would need so that I could play around with the arrangement and colours.

Cut out a fair amount of balloons – that way you can play around with different amount of balloons and colours.

2) Design your bunch of balloons

Lay your balloons out on a piece of paper until you are satisfied with the look.

I actually found this harder than I expected, so I eventually drew the “shape” of the bunch I wanted onto a spare piece of paper, and then laid the balloons out on that, using the pencil outline as my guide. This worked really well and I was soon happy with my arrangement.

Different attempts to make the balloon look right. It helped a lot to draw a ‘balloonish’ shape on the paper.

I did not use all my balloons and I also tossed aside some colours I had prepared, as they just didn’t look good with the whole piece.

Tip: Take a quick photo of your design, so that you have a reference to work from once you start making the final artwork.

3) The Big Step: Sticking the balloons to the paper

Using a small piece of double-sided tape I attached the white thread to the back of each balloon, sticking it onto the black board straight away. The same tape that attaches the thread to your balloon will work to adhere the piece to your board.

A small piece of double sided tape will stick the balloon and the thread to the background.

Keep working until you are happy with the whole piece. Be careful not to tangle all your balloon threads together as that will become very difficult to undo!

4) The final touches

Carefully bring all your threads together and then tie a knot. Combing the strands out carefully, snip the strings so that they are all the same length.

Get the ties neat, string them, and cut off the excess. We are nearly done with this colourful DIY project!

Your piece is now complete and ready to frame!

Another great way to hang artwork is with a clipboard or simple art clip: see one of our Watercolour Paintings with Art Clip to see what that could look like. This is less expensive than a frame and is great if you want to change your artwork around frequently.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it inspirational. There are so many ways you could use this same technique to create beautiful and unique artwork for your nursery. And best of all – talk about major budget friendly!



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