DIY: Wooden Peg Aeroplanes

These little washing peg aeroplanes are adorably cute and super fun to make. We hung them up with some thread and prestik, but they would also make a great mobile, garland or shelf décor piece.

It’s a really great way of adding some personal décor pieces to your baby boy nursery that will hardly cost a thing.

Want to give this DIY project a shot?

You will need:

  • Wooden washing pegs
  • wooden ice-cream sticks
  • paint
  • glue
  • sandpaper
  • mini screw-eyes (if you want to hang them)
DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Materials
You can pick up these washing pegs and sticks at your local Clicks and Crazy Store.

1) Choose your colour scheme

For this project I decided to use a red, navy and grey colour scheme, with touches of white. I recommend choosing at least three colours.

2) Prepare your pieces

Every aeroplane will need:

  1. one washing peg
  2. three large ice-cream sticks
  3. one small stick

Tip: For readers from South Africa: I got the wooden pegs from Clicks, and the ice-cream sticks from The Crazy Store.

Start by cutting one of your large ice-cream sticks into half it’s original size. This piece will become the aeroplane tail. I also rounded the edges to match the wings, but you could also leave them straight. The sticks are a very soft wood and can be cut using a scissor or craft knife.

Sand the pieces to a smooth finish.

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Sanding

3) Paint your aeroplanes

You can now go ahead and paint the various pieces in your chosen colours. I did only one layer for the washing pegs and propellers, as the paint covered the raw wood very well. The aeroplane wings and tail took longer as the sticks were dyed. I applied three layers of grey to each side of these.

Tip: Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer of paint.

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Painting
Navy colours make beautiful aeroplanes!

Once the base colours are dry you can add in any details you like. I chose to do circles and stripes in white and navy.

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Painting Details
Adding details to the wing and tail. Let paint dry before you add more layers.

4) Assemble your aeroplanes

Before gluing the pieces in place it’s a good idea to balance the parts and check where you would like the wings to be placed.

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Mock up
It is a good idea to put the plane together without glue, first. That way you can see what it will look like and decide the exact location of the wings and tail.

Glue each piece into place. Be patient with this step and allow the glue to dry thoroughly before touching the plane again (at least 3 hours). I used a regular white wood glue.

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Glueing
I used simple wood glue. Give the glue enough time to dry before you move on.

To glue the propellers in place I used Prestik to hold the planes upright while they dried. It worked perfectly!

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes Glueing the Propeller
Keep the aeroplanes in place with Prestik while you glue on the propeller.

5) Complete your aeroplanes

Once the planes are dry they are basically finished! I chose to put a small screw-eye into the top so that I could hang them up, but this step is optional. You might find you need to touch up the paint here and there, so do that if it’s necessary.

Your planes are now finished! Have fun deciding how and where to use them in your nursery. Please bare in mind that the planes do have small parts that could be a choking hazard in the hands of a toddler! We recommend that they be used for decorative purposes only.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.

DIY Wooden Peg Aeroplanes with Fish Eye Hooks
A line-up of DIY Washing Peg Planes – Enjoy making yours!

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