Five random things from our love.dominique workshop

When work gets really busy (the Christmas Rush has begun), it becomes all the more important to stay on top of what is going on in our online stores and in the workshops. And at such times it is nice to reflect a bit on things that happened lately. From trying to work when the power is off to selling out of Jesse Trees in no-time, and a fellow worker getting engaged.. Lot’s of things are making work hectic, yet pleasant at love.dominique!

1) The Christmas Rush has begun!

Last month was our best ever, since the start of love.dominique in 2005! Between running several promos for our Nativity Sets and new Jesse Trees (we blogged about the Jesse Tree as well), as well as exceptionally good sales on our website, we are so grateful and thankful for your support!

It’s important to keep your head when things go busy, and the admin team (read: hubby and myself) are surrounded by notebooks and apps (I prefer pens, he prefers computers) with lists of info and things to do. Between ordering the correct amount of materials, allocating and processing all the orders, shipping everything on time and then still handling the usual marketing and social media pages, we have been super busy!

I have spent many evenings working late this past month. I like to save the hand sewing work for the evening, as it’s restful and easy to do while enjoying a cup of coffee at the end of your day. Our workshop team has been on top of things and handled the orders like pros! We couldn’t do it without them.

2) We are totally into unicorns and pastels

When we are not making unicorns we are making rainbows! And if it isn’t a unicorn or a rainbow, you can be sure it’s still in the unicorn style pastel colours. Add a splash of gold glitter and you have an idea of which of our paint tubs have emptied themselves the fastest lately. We are loving the beautiful colours, and also the way that so many people are balancing the soft pastels with raw wood. It’s a classic look that will be around for some time!

3) New machinery

As things will happen, one of our machines broke down in the middle of our busiest week. Complete with having no power for several hours, two days in a row. This lead to the purchase of a new machine, which means we are now running three scroll saws at time. Well, we will be when the damaged one comes back from being repaired. As an entrepreneur that started all by myself on one small machine in a part of my dad’s workshop, this seems pretty incredible. We now have four workshops (sewing and design, painting, admin and woodworking) and a full time team of five. We have also been able to buy our wood in larger bulk, making the whole operation run much smoother.

4) Cecilia, our workshop manager, got engaged

Our workshop manager, Cecilia, announced her engagement recently, which was another reason for celebrating! We wish her and her fiancé all the happiness in the world!

5) We sold out all our Jesse Trees

When we decided to design a Jesse tree to compliment our popular nativity set I had no idea of how it would take off. Reasoning that the Jesse Tree is not a concept as well known as a nativity set, I cautiously told Edmund “That it would be nice if we sold 5 or 6 trees this year”, as a way to launch the product. And then hopefully it would do better next year when it has gained some momentum. Haha! After just 2 weeks we had booked up on all our bulk orders (4 sets at a special price) and within a month we were officially sold out for 2018!

We plan to renew the Jesse Tree bulk listing special around July next year, so to give people lots of time to order in advance for Christmas. We did that this year with the nativity sets and it worked out really well.

That’s it from the workshops for now! Keep well 🙂



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