Meet the Pocket Pals

In today’s Q&A blog post we will introduce you to a new project on which we have been working for several months: Pocket Pals.

First of all: What are Pocket Pals?

Pocket Pals are wooden figures that easily fit in your hand. They come in three very recognizable shapes: a male, a female, and a child figure. Besides this shape, the painting style is very unique, beautiful, simple-yet-rich, and characteristic for these collections.

Pocket Pals – here St Patrick from our Pocket Saint collection – fit nicely into your hand.

Pocket Pals are a direct result of our immensely popular Nativity Set.

Whom are Pocket Pals for?

Pocket Pals are ideal companions for children of any age and as collectibles for anybody. Granted, the one-year-olds will just stick them in their mouths (no worries, the figures are child-safe) but the other kids that we gave Pocket Pals to just absolutely loved them. They always seem to find new ways of playing with the figures, whether they be princesses or their patron saints. We have received excellent feedback from the moms whose children ‘tested’ the Pocket Pals.

What are Pocket Pals made of?

We cut the figurines out of 18mm Birch Ply, which is a solid, high quality wood with a gorgeous grain line on the sides. This wood allows us to make safe figurines for your children that look absolutely stunning. After all, one of the painting style features is that part of the figure actually shows the original wood. And that is only a ‘feature’ because the wood looks so beautiful.

Needless to say that the paints are free of lead and child-safe, and that we give every figurine special attention and a smooth sanding finish.

Wooden Pocket Pals
Our wooden Pocket Pals are made of Birch Ply which is strong, looks gorgeous and does not splinter easily.

What different kind of Pocket Pals are there?

So far we have made:

  • Princesses – your Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and others
  • Superheroes – Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, the Hulk, and other toughies
  • Saints – All your Catholic saints can be made. These are perfect gifts for Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations or just like that. They help with teaching a Catholic life as well.
  • Bible figures – Holy Patriarchs and Women of the Old Testament. Think of Adam & Eve, Noah, Elijah, Ruth, Judith, Esther and so many others.
  • Famous People – Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, to name but a few.
  • a Nativity Set (see also our blog post “Behind the scenes: Our Nativity Set”).
Pocket Princesses and Pocket Superheros
Pocket Princesses and Pocket Superheroes are but some of the collections we make.

My Pocket Family

Last Christmas, Dominique had a lot of fun making a special gift for her oldest sister Naomi and her family: figurines of the entire family! Dominique secretly gathered a couple of photos of Naomi, her husband, and their six kids, and made little Pocket Pals of them all. The surprise was enormous and everybody – including mom and dad – absolutely loved their figurines.

Pocket Family
Based on photos of the family, Dominique made these super cute Pocket Family figurines as a gift for her sister!

What other Pocket Pals collections are you going to make?

We are constantly designing figures for new collections. One collection is called Famous Figures, and we already have two famous people that absolutely belong in here: Nelson Mandela, Frida Kahlo and Mother Teresa.

Upcoming Pocket Pal Collections
Some Pocket Pals of upcoming collections, among them Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.

Can you make a custom figurine for me?

We have been making quite a number of Pocket Pals on request. Think of someone’s patron saint that we had not yet designed. Or characters from books and movies. We absolutely love designing new figurines, so if you have an idea, contact us and send us photos of your family, friends, children, or of any other character that you would like a wooden figurine of.

Pile of Pocket Pals
We just can’t get enough of these Pocket Pals!

We are absolutely delighted by how popular these Pocket Pals have become; thank you for your support! If you have any questions, just pop us an email or a message on Facebook, or give us a call at +27 72 800 8672 (South Africa).

I hope you enjoyed meeting our Pocket Pals. As always, feel free to like and share this post.

For all those in Port Elizabeth (South Africa): we have taken out a stall at St. Dominic’s Priory Fair 2018 (mark May 26th in your calendar!) for our Pocket Pals! Come and see a grand selection of figurines, and buy them at a special discount for the day.


Author: Edmund

Edmund started working with Dominique after their wedding early 2017. He manages the online stores, does most of the admin, IT, hrm and legal stuff. He might write the occasional blog post 🙂


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