Our Top 10 Nursery Decorating Tips

My friends and family know that nursery decor is not my only passion. Hubby and I are also very much into budgeting and believe that a healthy budget gives more joy when you go shopping! After all, you can spend all the money in your Nursery Decor budget category without ever having to have second thoughts about it. That’s why you will find quite a number of our Nursery Decorating Tips revolve around money. Enjoy the read! Love, Dominique!

(Number 10 can be used for all areas of our lives!)

1) Choose a high quality washable paint

Children are messy. Spending a little more on a high quality, washable paint will pay back big time! We recommend:

2) Declutter your house before baby arrives

Baby’s take a lot more room than you would expect from their tiny bundles of cuteness. Decluttering your house beforehand will save you a lot of frustration in the future!

3) Sell your unused house items and use the money for the nursery

This is a direct follow up of the previous tip. Take the items you have purged and sell them to fund some of the extra pieces you will need for your new arrival. Gumtree is a great marketplace for classifieds.

4) Create a nursery budget

This tip is essential. Set up a budget for your nursery and think carefully on what you want to spend it on. Do not go into debt over unnecessary (albeit cute!) accessories to impress your Facebook friends. However, if you can afford it and it’s in your budget – have fun!

5) Go minimalist

Keeping things simple and decluttered will help your retain order in your home after baby is born, as well as keep your budget in good standing.

6) Choose curtains that block out the light thoroughly

Buy curtains with a proper blacking-out lining, or consider blinds. You will find this very useful for daytime naps.

7) Paint your walls in a neutral colour

Keep your pops of colour for the curtains, accessories or even a bright rug. By choosing a neutral colour for the walls you allow yourself greater flexibility in the future with making changes to the room. This is especially important for renters.

8) Invest in storage

Whether you choose a shelving unit or stacking baskets, we do recommend you spend some part of your budget on a practical storage solution. Consider a large toy box, or a unit that fits under your cot.

9) Buy second hand

The second hand baby market is huge and you should make use of it! Look for gently worn baby clothing and wooden furniture that you can renovate with a few coats of paint.

Tip: Not everything should be bought on the second hand market. We do not recommend buying second hand mattresses or any safety items such as car seats. Do your research first.

10) Don’t play the comparison game

Comparison can rob you on all your joy, so be carefully not to fall into the trap of comparing your baby room to those too-good-to-be-true rooms you see on Instagram. Remember, social media is deceptive and you are only seeing a tiny corner of people’s lives. Don’t loose your joy!

What tips would you add to this list? Do you have a special category on your budget for Nursery Decorating (or maybe it all falls under Baby)? Let us know in the comments below. xo


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