Nursery Inspiration: Adventure Nursery Photo Shoot

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My husband and I have not yet been blessed with a little one (6 months ttc), but I still get the fun of putting together nurseries for love.dominique. In this post I will talk you through designing and setting up an Adventurer themed nursery in our lounge.

This shoot was difficult to do, coming only 2 weeks after I suffered a miscarriage, but I still managed to find joy in it (bitter-sweet as it was!) and I hope that you will find this post inspirational.

Our Adventure themed nursery with goodies from our Little Adventurer Collection.

Plan your room

As you might realise, this shoot was not a full room layout, as it was intended as an inspirational shoot only. (We shot it in our lounge!) The walls are beige and that was perfect for the look we wanted. Before starting, I drew a (very) quick design sketch to help get my ideas in order. I found this step hugely helpful, even if we didn’t follow the first concept exactly. It really helps to just put things down onto paper.

A sketch is a great help when setting up a nursery (or any other room!). It just helps to get some thoughts on paper. And you don’t have to be an artist when it comes to this sketch 😉

Choose a colour palette

I highly recommend putting together a digital colour palette for your nursery before starting. The colour concept for this look was mainly white, grey and turquoise, with touches of black and green. The theme was “Adventure!”

A colour palette is one of the very first steps in designing a nursery. Here we chose white, grey, turquoise with some black.

The Cot

Keeping your cot simple is a good idea! Focus on high quality sheets (buy a stack!) instead of spending a lot of money on bedding that your baby will never even use. We added some coordinating toss pillows and a plushie here for the effect, but we recommend you keep your cot super simple. Safety first!

Pillows and plushies look cute, and can easily be removed when baby has to sleep in the cot. A gorgeous nursery, but safety first!

Garlands are great accessories as they are very versatile. This pom-pom one can easily be moved to the window later on, or hung on the wall. You will see that we used a second pop-pom garland on the shelf, to add a pop of colour to the grey and white storage baskets.

Shelf décor

A unique shelf forms more than just a useful item – it is a piece of wall art in itself. This arrow shelf is truly a one of a kind! We decorated it with a large wooden letter in plain white and some simple mountain décor pieces. Nothing more was needed.

Always take special care in mounting nursery items very securely, especially if they hang over the cot or changing table!

The heads and tails of our Arrow Shelf slot together easily, so that you can change the colours easily!

Different elements

Mixing and matching different looks is one of my favourite things to do, so we added in the elephant chalkboard from our Chevron Elephant Collection. It just matched so perfectly and added a fun new element to the space. This is another double-duty piece! Right now it’s purely decorative, but later on it will become a fun toy for your little toddler.

A chalkboard elephant – one of the many versatile goodies that are décor now, and a toy later!

The green plants were a last minute idea to add some touches of green to the whole look, and we loved the effect! The plants were not expensive (Mr Price Home) and definitely added in some welcome texture and colour.

Toy Storage

Toy Boxes are always a good investment – you will need one at some point! Here we used our grey and white mountain toy box, which fitted the room perfectly! Since then we have also added a white and green leaf toy box to our love.dominique collection and I think that it would also have looked fantastic in this nursery set-up.

A toy box will go a long way in keeping your kid’s room clean!
Our Tropical Leaves Toy Box is filled with cute stuffed animals

Wall décals

Wall motifs and cut-outs are among the most versatile and fun pieces to add to your nursery. For this look we decided to use our large arrow cut-outs, chevron arrow heads and the super awesome clouds! These clouds are among our best sellers! They are so effective and easy to add into almost any nursery.

These simple cut-outs are highly effective and can easily be mounted with Prestik.

The mountain wall clock filled in the void above the cot perfectly. This is one of my personal favourite pieces. Simple, clean-lined and useful!


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