Our Cactus Nursery Collection Is Here!

We are super excited to introduce you to our new cactus nursery décor collection!

The cactus trend is already huge in the US and we see it now making waves here in South Africa. And it’s not hard to see why. The colours are soft on the eye and gender neutral, making it the ideal choice for those of you who are keeping baby’s sex a surprise. The prickly cacti with their bright flowers also add a refreshing contrast to the usual soft, cuddly themes we typically associate with babies. This is a theme that will transition with your child, and you can even use some of the pieces in the other rooms of your home. The Cactus Nursery Collection is the ultimate versatile and modern look for a nursery!

The colours

love.dominique Cactus Theme Colours

For this collection we focused on using white as our background colour, with shades of green for the cacti. We stayed clear of the brightly coloured flowers, making it easy for the pieces to match any room. Several of the pieces also show off the natural texture of wood (birch ply and raw pine), which matches the look and feel of wild cacti perfectly.

The neutral colours here work particularly well with pink, so if you are expecting a girl this may be the perfect choice for you. The soft toned and simplistic designs will look amazing against soft pink bedding or curtains.

For a boy’s room we suggest leaving the theme with mostly the neutral colours, but also adding a bright splash of yellow here and there to make it pop. Many cacti flowers are yellow, so it’s an easy colour to incorporate.

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The Collection

Cacti Range on lovedominique.co.za

For this collection we aimed at making the pieces versatile and easy to style. Not only are the colours easy to mix and match, so are the products.

There are a few typically baby orientated pieces (such as the wooden nappy dispenser or cot mobile) but many of the other items could easily be used in your toddler’s room, your preschooler – or even the rest of your home! The collection blends well with some other current styles, such as the scandi trend, or the mountain decor pieces found in our “Little Adventurer” collection. Use your imagination and creativity to put together your own unique look.

Shop the entire collection on our website here.

Cactus Nursery Inspiration

Check out our Cacti and Succulents Nursery Inspiration Pinterest board for some great cactus nursery inspiration

Transcending the Nursery

Here are some inspo photos for using these pieces in other rooms of your home.

These were all taken in our own home. I actually just set up the shoots for the photos, but hubby liked them so much he didn’t want me to take them down, especially the bathroom caddy! I guess you could say that’s a definite win!

love.dominique Cactus Clock in Kitchen
In this photo: Cactus Wall Clock.
love.dominique Cactus Cut-Outs in Bedroom
In this photo: 3 pieces of our Cactus Cut-outs Pack (pack consists of 4 Pieces).
love.dominique Cactus Caddy in bathroom
In this photo: Cactus Compactum Caddy.

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