Three Things to Consider Before You Start Your Nursery

You got your BFP, you’ve told the family and been for your first scan! And now you simply can’t wait to start the nursery and create your dream space for this precious blessing you have been given.

To help you on this exciting journey we have put together three important things to think about before you even start on your nursery – read on below!

1) Plan your space

and consider alternatives to a traditional nursery

If you have the luxury of a spare room then this task is easy, but for many first time parents this is not an option.

If you have a small room that you will use as a nursery, check out our article on Creating a Stylish Nursery with Limited Space.

Setting up a nursery nook is becoming more and more popular! Whether it’s for space saving, or just the convenience of having your baby near at hand for night time nursing and changing, this option is ideal for many parents.

Choose a small corner of your own bedroom and set it up as a small nursery nook with all the basics. Convert your existing furniture to suit your needs. Install creative storage systems, choosing vertical stacking solutions to save on floor space. Look at your current bedroom colours and work with those to make the whole room look cohesive.

2) Decide on a budget

and stick to it!

This should be the first step in your decorating process. As boring as it may seem, setting yourself a budget will give you freedom to enjoy the process without worrying about the bottom line.

Decorating a room with your pension money will only rob you of your joy! Instead, work out an affordable budget and then take a careful look at how you want to spend the money. If you have a set amount it will help you realise what your priorities are: paint, new furniture, accessories…?

Decide how you will cash flow the budget. Will you put aside a set amount each pay day and then only spend it when you have a lump, or will you buy a different piece each month?

Tip: Free up some cash by decluttering and selling some of your unused items. You will need the extra space for the baby!

3) Choose your style

and set up a Pinterest board to help assemble your ideas

Are you finding out the sex of your baby? If yes, then it might be wise to wait for that scan before deciding on the colour scheme/theme for your nursery.

Going for a gender neutral look? There are many fabulous choices that are gender neutral without being boring. Consider choosing a colour scheme that will allow you to add pops of blue/pink after the baby is born.

What is your preferred style? Vintage shabby chic, sleek and modern, minimalistic…? Browse through Pinterest and start assembling pictures of nurseries and pieces you love. Go back later and look at your board – it should be easy to spot where your style preference lies.

Tip: Check out our Pinterest Boards with inspirational looks for your nursery.

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