Top 5 South African Nursery Trends for 2018

Preparing a special space for a little one this year? Then read on and see our top 5 nursery trends for South African nurseries this year.

1) Wood

Wood grain finishes are the perfect complement to the rainbow colours and glitter we are seeing everywhere. This lightly rustic look prevents things from becoming too sugary sweet. Go for your light grained woods with a yellow-toned finish. Pine, birch and beech are perfect examples.

Make sure that any raw wood items you choose are perfectly finished and have no splinters that could hurt tiny fingers later on. Wooden toys are always a great option, doubling up as shelf décor and a play piece that will last for years.

The natural wood look will be all over nurseries in 2018! It creates a perfect balance with the sweetness of the candy pastels.


2) Candy pastel rainbow colours

After several years of white on white, cream on white and grey on white, colour is coming back in the sweetest way! Watch out for gorgeous candy pastels in all the shades of the rainbow. (Watch out for rainbows as well!) Remember those sugary heart sweets you had as a kid, the ones that said “You’re sweet” and “Be mine”… that is what we mean by candy pastels.

Tip: Pair these beautiful colours with wood textures and plenty of white for a balanced look.

Tip: Keep your wall colour very simple and allow the pops of colour to catch the eye.

2018 Nursery Trends Pastel Alphabet Letter Blocks
Sweet candy pastel colours are taking over the nurseries this year. Pick and match your own mix of these lovely dots of colour.


3) Black and white

In a direct contrast to the fairytale styles for the girls, black and white are having a big moment in nurseries for the boys. Panda bears are going to be particular popular, and we can see why.

Black and white pairs perfectly with so many colours that this is a great style to take and make your own! Panda bears on a soft mint background? Check! Black arrows amid grey and white tipped mountains? Absolutely! This is a theme that can take 101 directions.

Another great way to use this trend is with smaller pops of black and white to complement another colour scheme, as shown here with turquoise and grey. The high contrast of the pillows draws the eye and makes the whole look perfectly balanced.

2018 Nursery Trends Pillow Display Turquoise and Grey
See the beauty and simplicity of black and white. It combines easily with any colour scheme, and will be the trend for boy’s nurseries!


4) Fantasy and Glitter

Signs pointing to Narnia, mermaid tails and especially unicorns are big this year! And of course, glitter! Gold is making a big comeback and it fits in perfectly with this magical trend. Gold fittings, rainbow tailed unicorns with sparkling glittered horns: this is the perfect year for your inner princess.

Look for simple wall hangings with inspirational texts to complement the fantasy elements in the room. We recommend you look for scripts that really speak to you, not just signs that look pretty. Choose something with meaning.

2018 Nursery Trends Unicorn Lamp and Castle
Free reigns to the inner princess! Unicorns, rainbows, fairytale castles and lots of glitter: it’s all in style this year!


5) Tropical

It seems we never want summer to end this year! The flamingo and pineapple trend of 2017 is far from over, and this year we are adding to it with tropical green leaves, watermelons and even monkeys! This is a lovely theme for a gender neutral nursery that will still burst with fresh colour.

Bonus hint: We seem to be seeing more fruit than just pineapples and watermelons these days… go crazy with your favourite healthy treats in the freshest colours!

2018 Nursery Trend Tropical Leaves Toybox
Let the summer vibe never end! Nurseries will be filled with tropical elements, from leaves, to flamingo’s, monkeys, watermelons, and lots of other tropical fruits.


So there are our top 5 nursery trend predictions for 2018. What do you think of them? Is this year totally you? Or will you be taking parts of these and twisting them into your own unique look? Let us know in the comments below.



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